Following the Arizona Housing Market in 2017

phoenixIf you are buying or selling a home in Arizona, you’re in luck! Experts predict that the Arizona housing market will finally level out in 2017 after the 2010-2011 market crash, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Let’s face it, Phoenicians have been waiting with baited breath for the market to improve since the crash and 2017 is the year the relief arrives. So, what does the market look like? Continue reading

The Real Reasons Your House Won’t Sell

shutterstock_70450630All too often sellers list their homes as-is, only to find potential buyers eyeing the house without buying. It’s easy to assume the problem is with the buyers – after all, you’ve lived in your home for a number of years without problems. If it was good enough for you, shouldn’t someone else be just as happy with it? The sad truth is that sometimes it’s not anyone’s fault your house isn’t selling – it’s just how the market is at that time. There are a number of factors that could be preventing a sale. Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Buying Investment Properties

shutterstock_172122455Foreclosures and short sales in Phoenix mean there is an abundance of properties available for less than market value. These are ideal properties for real estate investment, as they generally offer the biggest potential for return. Continue reading

Profiting in a Rebounding Real Estate Market

shutterstock_328514033It’s no secret: Phoenix is once again a hot market for residential real estate. Previous reports showed investors had discovered the Valley and were quick to snatch up homes at low market prices, but today’s homebuyers are actual families. Continue reading

Changing Housing Trends

shutterstock_96894778Over the last few years, America has begun to see a change in housing trends due to several factors. With an adapting economy and evolving lifestyles, real estate patterns have altered accordingly. The traditional idea of settling down with a family in a home is slowly beginning to diminish. Rather, more people are adjusting based on lack of finances, a desire to remain untied to a location, and simpler living. At All Homes AZ, we help Phoenicians stay current with these changing housing trends and what can be expected.  Continue reading