5 Reasons to Choose an Arizona-based Real Estate Investor

Arizona home investor shakes hand with homeowner compressedFacing a foreclosure or a short-sale scenario can be scary, but help is out there. Real estate investors can help rescue you in your time of need. While there are several large home-buying corporations which sound appealing on TV or the radio, they usually can’t offer the best deals. In addition to requiring homeowners to pay for repairs, these companies are not local. They do not know the real estate market in your area, which makes it impossible for them to offer a fair price for your home. All Homes AZ is proud to operate right here in Arizona, with a focus on the Phoenix metropolitan area. Here are five reasons why Phoenix residents should choose Arizona-based home investors compared to those out of state.

Best offer

If you are in need of a quick sale on your Phoenix-area home, working with real estate investors here in Arizona is your best solution. Local home investors are up-to-date with the latest housing trends in Phoenix. They know what the best offer is for your property based on community values because they know the local market unlike those out of state. All Homes AZ takes this a step further; we don’t require any fees, closing costs or escrow fees to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Custom solutions based on your situation

Real estate investors in Arizona are also more lenient in providing custom solutions or conveniences for local residents. At All Homes AZ, we buy houses as-is even if repairs are needed. While out-of-state corporations hit homeowners with heavy repair fees, we take on all the repairs ourselves. We also will take homes with furniture and belongings that are difficult to move. If you prefer to stay in your home as a tenant, All Homes AZ will simply take over the financial burden that comes with your home so you can continue living there worry-free. For those who prefer to move, our real estate investment team will provide you with a moving company so you can take what you need to your next home.

Close of escrow is on time

Not every home investor in Phoenix, AZ can offer a fast closing, but All Homes AZ can. We have more than 10 years of experience working with the Phoenix real estate market. This helped us to build a reputation for fast closing times. Realistically, our methods can save you thousands of dollars that would otherwise be a stressful factor for you with a traditional short-sale. When you sell your home in a traditional short sale, you would still pay out of pocket for the following:

  • Property taxes (dependent on property, current rate is 0.81 percent of home value)
  • Escrow fees (dependent on property value and varies between $500-1000)
  • HOA transfer fees (often $100-$400)
  • Disclosure fees (dependent on REALTOR contract)
  • Recording fee (specific to Maricopa County guidelines)
  • Title insurance (dependent on property, can be hundreds of dollars)
  • Real estate commissions (dependent on REALTOR® contract but usually thousands of dollars)
  • Home warranty (dependent on sale conditions, often $400-$600)

All Homes AZ can handle all these fees for you in an “as-is” sale. In the unique circumstances that you need a longer close of escrow, we will work with you.

Stay in your home

Many home investors who work in the Phoenix metropolitan area will want to get right to work to fix up the property and get it back on the market. All Homes AZ takes a more homeowner-focused approach. If you would like to stay in your home longer until you can recover from your foreclosure or short sale, tell our team. We are willing to create a rental agreement with you, so you can stay in your home and keep your kids in the same school(s) while you get back up on your feet financially.

Neighborly advice

As a locally owned and operated business, our team is available to give you free advice on your short sale or foreclosure. We are your neighbors, and you won’t find hard-sell tactics with our team. Let us be there for you in your time of need.

Out-of-state real estate investors have no inside information about what the market is like in Phoenix. They have no reason to give you a helping hand while you recover from this financial devastation. It pays for you to choose an Arizona-based real estate investment company, and we hope we are on that list for you. For more information on how All Homes AZ buys and sells homes fast, visit us online or give us a call at 480-725-7063.

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