4 Packing Tips for Moving to a New Home

couple moving into a new house together

Selling your house in the Phoenix housing market can be stressful. Moving is a big deal and involves a lot of planning to make sure everything goes smoothly. Don’t let the process of selling a house overwhelm you and your family. Follow our tips for a seamless transition in to your new home.

Clear Out Clutter

When you realize how much stuff is in your home, packing it all up can seem like an impossible task. Use this time to de-clutter your space and only bring the things you need on a regular basis. Go through every closet and drawer and decide what is worth keeping. Move from room to room and create three piles: keep, donate, and trash. This will ensure you only have to move the essentials and also means everything will have a place in your new home.


Hire a Moving Company

If your budget allows for it, hiring a moving company can eliminate most of the stress that surrounds moving day. The extra help loading and unloading boxes makes a world of difference– and can even help prevent common lifting injuries. Ask friends and family for referrals and don’t forget to do your own research. Make sure you check things like insurance, online reviews and Better Business Bureau ratings of the company.


Don’t Pay For Boxes

Skip the trip the hardware store for expensive boxes. Visit your local grocery store in the weeks leading up to your move date and ask for boxes that they aren’t using anymore. They are usually more than happy to give boxes to you at no charge. You can also visit a liquor store and ask for their boxes. These are usually made out of thicker cardboard, which is perfect for your packing heavy items such as books. If you’re extremely organized, try to find the original boxes that your electronics came in. These boxes typically have padding that keeps the item safe during transportation.


Start Packing Non-Essentials Now

Start packing non-essentials weeks in advance like wall art and shelf fillers. These decorative items can be stored as long as necessary because they don’t need to be used every day. Boxing up items you don’t necessarily need will save you from stress on moving day. A few days before moving day, put your suitcase to work by packing yourself a bag with clothes to wear while moving in and unpacking. Put essential toiletries and medication in your suitcase for easy access.


Sell your home fast in Arizona with our speedy services, and make sure your move is stress free by following these packing tips. All Homes AZ helps take the stress out of selling your home by offering a quick and fair cash offer that will get you into a new home as soon as possible. Contact us today for a free quote on your current home.

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