Alternatives to a Short Sale in Phoenix

short sale flowchartWhat is a Short Sale?

It’s important to understand exactly what a short sale is before considering one. Sometimes mistaken as just another term for a foreclosure, a short sale is actually very different. Phoenix Homeowners who short sell are generally trying to avoid a foreclosure by working out a deal with the bank. Contrary to popular belief, in this case the bank actually wants to work with homeowners, as a foreclosure is a lengthy and very expensive process for the bank. Continue reading

A Guide to Short Sales in Phoenix

shutterstock_275666651Many new homeowners are unfamiliar with the short sale process in Phoenix, but it is actually a surprisingly simple decision that benefits everyone involved. Short sales are nothing to be ashamed of; frequently these are the smartest ways for homeowners to get out of a bad real estate investment with minimal damage to their own finances. Real estate professionals like All Homes AZ can guide sellers and buyers through the process for a seamless transition to a new life. Continue reading