The Advantages of the Short Sale

shortsaleNot being able to pay your mortgage can be a stressful and frightening situation that can affect both you and your family as foreclosure becomes a reality, however foreclosure is not your only option. Selling your home in a short sale can have many advantages, and can keep you from dealing with the financial problems and social stigma associated with foreclosure. In a short sale, the bank or lender agrees to accept partial payment and cancel the remaining mortgage balance. The advantages of a short sale include:

You will save your credit score from the extreme impacts of foreclosure.

You can avoid the stressful and lengthy process of foreclosure.

You will avoid owing the balance on the mortgage.

You will be creating the possibility of obtaining a new home at a discounted price.

You will not have to deal with the possibility of being removed from your residence.

You can retain the dignity of knowing you sold your home instead of having been removed from it.

You will be able to avoid the social stigma of foreclosure.

You will no longer have to make mortgage payments, unless you come to an arranged  payment plan.

You will be eligible to buy a new home in just 2 years, instead of the 5-7 probation period after foreclosure, and may even be eligible to buy a new home immediately if your credit report does not reflect a 60-day+ late pay!

You can find comfort on releasing the financial burden of your home and settling into a new home on your terms.

A short sale is a great option for many, and can help you relieve your financial burden and enter into a more comfortable situation fast. If you are looking to save yourself from foreclosure and sell your home in a short sale, contact AllHomesAZ today. We have come to the rescue of hundreds of AZ residents who were desperate to sell, by offering cash for homes based in Glendale, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Cave Creek, Scottsdale, Peoria, and Ahwatukee. We are a local company, and a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. For further details or to set up a consultation, please call us at 480-227-5214 today. AllHomesAZ are ready to pay for what you have to offer us!

Buying homes in Tucson

Tucson Arizona is a unique place and has a great blend of old and new. It offers everything from entertainment, shopping, museums, resorts, some of the greatest restaurants, and also some amazing golf courses. It is an excellent place to live and that is the reason why we have also been purchasing homes in the Tucson area!

If you are wanting to sell your home in Tucson and would like to have a cash offer with a fast and convenient closing, then please contact us at 480-227-5214. We would love to have the opportunity to meet with you and to look at your home, so we can make you a cash offer right away!

Selling your home is a big decision and we will make it as easy as we can with no costs to you at all. That does absolutely means no realtor fees, no closing fees, no repair fees! Call us today about your Tucson home and we can get started right away!

Why You Should Call Phoenix Home

phoenixWe love Phoenix, and with the current housing market showing signs of a boom, there are plenty of reasons for you to love it too! Here are some of our favorite reasons to call The Valley our home. If you are looking to buy a house in Phoenix, or want to sell your home so you can upgrade, Contact us today at (480) 227-5214!


D-Backs, Cardinals, Suns, Coyotes, & Stings

Phoenix is home to a rich array of world class sports teams, so whether it’s having a ballpark frank at a Diamondbacks baseball game, or watching the Coyotes conquer the ice, we’ve got it all!

The Mountains

With clear skies almost year round, Phoenix is the place to be to explore the outdoors. We have multiple mountains for all skill levels where you can get away from the city and enjoy the beauty of the Sonoran Desert’s amazing landscape.


We are one of the nation’s top golf destinations, with over 200 golf courses in The Valley. Whether you’re looking for public or private, beginner or expert, Phoenix has everything for the golfer in you.

Affordable Housing

Phoenix is the perfect place to live for those who want beautiful weather, amazing attractions, and the extra income after paying the mortgage to enjoy all the city has to offer. Phoenix homes have remained affordable despite all that we have available here, and our homes provide plenty of space to live comfortably without breaking the bank like New York or Los Angeles.


These are just a few reasons why Phoenix is the place to be more than ever in 2013. Looking to buy a new home, or sell your house? Give us a call at (480) 227-5214; we are a local company and a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. AllHomesAZ is ready to pay for what you have to offer us!

Homes closing for cash this week

I am excited about having 2 homes that have closed in the past week for all cash deals! It is awesome to be able to help out owners with fast closings and no hassles to them. It is great to be able to offer assistance at times when it is needed and the seller has no extra stress on them.

I am happy to be able to offer no closing fees, no realtor fees, and no repair fees. The sellers that I have worked with have said that it is a huge stress relief for them to not have to worry about these extra costs.

I am looking forward to helping out the next homeowner that needs to sell fast and for cash without any extra costs to them. If you or someone that you know would like to close quickly and easily, please go to my website at and fill out the short contact information form.

Purchasing homes in the Laveen area

My adventures today took me to the town of Laveen to look at a 2-story home that was built in 2004. Laveen’s newer neighborhoods are well kept and, as a bonus, the home today is in a cul-de-sac, which is awesome! Plus the home has 5 bedrooms and a pool! How can it get better than that?

I enjoy my trips to look at homes that I can buy for cash all over the valley. Every area in or around Phoenix has it’s own personality and uniqueness and just like the Laveen area that I was in today, many towns here have seen tremendous growth.

The Phoenix Metropolitan Area is a wonderful place to buy a home and settle in. There are so many things to do, no matter what area you choose. I am looking forward to the next home that needs a cash offer and where that adventure will take me to then!

Want to sell your home fast in Phoenix?

I just drove out to Queen Creek, AZ this morning.  I received a phone call from a homeowner.  He said “I need to sell my home fast!” Wow, Queen Creek has changed a lot.  Tons of shopping, commercial buildings and bright lights.

We made the homeowner a cash offer.  We will be closing on this one in about 3 weeks.  We will be buying the home at the end of May.  Fortunately this home is sits in a good neighborhood.  And the homeowners have a friend who want to sell their home fast too!

Queen creek sure is a booming place.  It seems like lots of Canadians and other internationals are buying homes in this rural boom town.