2013 Housing & Urban Development Budget will Work to Discourage Outsourcing

shutterstock_124736281With the recent influx of in-sourcing in the manufacturing industry, congress is looking to continue the trend in the housing sector with their recent Housing and Urban Development (HUD) budget increases. In the president’s 2013 HUD Housing Budget overview, it is highlighted that HUD sectors will work to employ hundreds of workers over the next year with the help of this increase.

Congress’s plan of action includes:


  • Creating a 3.2% budget increase. This is planned to facilitate hundreds of jobs in the U.S. in 2013 in the HUD sector.


  • Helping metropolitan and rural communities undertake a new phase of transportation zoning, building code, and land use reform.


  •  Aligning housing and transportation investments, so that they can be responsive to the needs of regional economies.


  • Continued investments into programs such as the Community Development Block and Native American Housing Block Grant.


  • Restoring funding for Sustainable Communities grants. Sustainable Communities grants are part of a silo-breaking, inter-agency Partnership for Sustainable Communities with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation that embody the President’s commitment to being a new kind of federal partner to states, regions, and localities.


These increases are just a few that will work to aid the housing industry as well as the economy as a whole in 2013. Looking to buy a HUD home, or sell your house? Give us a call at (480) 227-5214; we are a local company and a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. AllHomesAZ is ready to pay for what you have to offer us!

Spring Cleaning Tips

shutterstock_125010392With April in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about cleaning out those dust bunnies and preparing the house for the hot summer ahead. We know how hard it is to find time during your busy schedule to figure out what needs to be done, so we’ve created a list to help you get your home into tip top shape this spring.

 Make Sure to Organize Your Closets

Organizing your closet is the first step to organizing the rest of your home. Donate unused clothes, and organize the rest by category and by color to save you time and hassle finding the perfect outfit later. This will give your closet an appealing presence, and help simplify your daily routine.

Clean Your Carpets, Counters, and Tile

Over time, the people in your home spill, walk on, and drop things on your floor and counters creating hidden stains and smells. Work to combat these by steam cleaning your carpets, wiping down your counters with antibacterial sprays, and mopping your floors. These are 3 ways to keep you home looking and smelling fresh in no time.

Change-up the Scene

You can make a fast, easy change to your home with bedding, towels, and table linens which create a different mood. Switch things out seasonally, or for a special event, or whenever you want to play with a certain color or pattern.

Reorganize Bookshelves and Cupboards

Start by sorting books by size and subject. Remove and discard any ripped dust jackets unless you think they might have value. Line books in a rhythmic pattern to relieve the monotony of rows. Wipe out cupboards and wash or discard dishes that aren’t used often.

Most important when cleaning your house is to be thorough. Hitting all nooks and crannies will make your house a comfortable place for all to relax for years to come. Some elbow grease, along with these tips, will leave your home fresh and clean, and have you ready for summertime.

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