How to Boost Your Curb Appeal

Arizona home with landsacping

Phoenix home buyers are always looking for homes that offer something different than the rest. Whether you’re selling your home or simply trying to improve its overall aesthetic, boosting your curb appeal can be a major improvement on the overall value. You could become the envy of the entire neighborhood with just a few upgrades.


Front Yard Design

Because it’s difficult to have a green lawn in Arizona, desert dwellers are forced to get creative with their front yard landscapes. Many opt in for rocks and foliage to decorate the front of their homes. This is an attractive, low-maintenance way to improve the way your home is viewed from the street. We recommend combining various sizes of landscaping rocks to create unique designs that give your yard dimension. Add traditional Arizona foliage like red Bird of Paradise or popular annuals like desert bluebell. Finish the look with native cacti, including saguaros, barrel cacti and prickly pear.


Real grass is hard to maintain in the desert, but that doesn’t mean you have to eliminate green all together. Consider adding artificial grass to your front home for a lively look with none of the effort. Not only is artificial grass water-friendly, but it also doesn’t need to be mowed. You can have it installed and forget it’s there (except, of course, when the compliments start pouring in).


Outdoor furniture

When experts stage a home, they’ll add furniture in homes to give potential buyers an idea of how they could use the space. Similarly, you should stage your outdoor areas to give guests the best impression of your home. If you have a front patio or visible courtyard, add outdoor furniture in fun colors to stand out from the brown and tan desert landscape. Don’t forget to enjoy these outdoor pieces before it gets too hot.


Exterior Accents

If you’re trying to make your home stand out from the rest on the block, choosing the right accents are the key. You can express yourself and your style using your home as a canvas. Fortunately, there are many ways to express your personal style. Try adding interesting pieces to your home, such as:

  • A large front door
  • A unique paint color
  • Exterior lighting


Boosting your curb appeal doesn’t have to be something done only to sell your home in Phoenix. Add these special features to your home so you can enjoy them yourself. It certainly doesn’t hurt that these updates will also impress family and neighbors. Consider adding these features to your desert home to make sure you stand out.


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