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About Us

Dedicated Team of Phoenix Real Estate Investors Ready to Help! is comprised of experienced real estate investors interested in helping you sell your Arizona house quickly and at a the best price. With over 10 years experience paying cash for houses in the Phoenix market, our team (led by Reed Lattin) has a deep and thorough understanding of the Valley’s real estate market. We are proud to be Arizona residents ourselves, and are committed to offering an effective way for our fellow Valley residents to sell homes fast.

As real estate professionals, the principals of Arizona-based are interested in homes nationwide. Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun are, however, home to us, and it is in this market that they have helped hundreds of our fellow residents by offering cash for homes. Having deep roots in this market is important and significant. As home investors it allows us to respond faster and to make higher cash offers, helping homeowners in a very real and profound way. is interested in exactly what its name says: all homes in Arizona. No matter the condition, location or reason for selling we are interested. As an Arizona-based company nothing feels better than helping Arizona homeowners to sell their homes in a quick and easy manner. Other companies imply that they can offer what can, but this is simply not the case. In terms of experience, market knowledge, foreclosure help, short sale help, the cash amounts we offer for homes and our ability to close in as little as three days no competitor comes close to what we can do.

It is always a good time to be selling a home when is around. We’re interested in helping homes move in the Phoenix real estate market, and that includes yours! Contact us today to learn more.