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Sell Your House With No Real Estate Agent

Avoid paying real estate agent fees and commissions in Phoenix with All Homes AZ on your side.

Selling your home through a real estate agent here in Phoenix can be a difficult process filled with hassles. In addition to fees, commissions and mystery charges, along with the burden of hosting an open house, many sellers find themselves faced with uncertain wait times based on a volatile housing market. Any offer received is likely going to be a reflection of the economy. If it’s doing well, you might recoup your original investment. If not, then you are simply out of luck. Your real estate agent gets paid either way, so your happiness is not necessarily in their best interest.

All Homes AZ revolutionizes the process to sell your house without an agent. Without a real estate agent, there are no hefty charges to worry about. Our Phoenix-based home investors will give you a free home evaluation and are often able to make you a cash offer for your home on the same day. Most homes close within a few days, which leaves you with cash in hand much faster than selling with an agent.

  • Get a cash offer usually within 24 hours
  • Homes are purchased in as-is condition
  • Absolutely no repairs
  • No fees, no commissions, no closing costs
  • Pick your own closing date
  • Stay in your home after the closing to make moving easier
  • A true “No Real Estate Agent Home Sale”

Without Agent, All Homes AZ Advantage

Our professional home buyer real estate team operates quickly and efficiently. We understand that many home sales are a result of financial necessity, which is why we offer you the option to stay in your home as a tenant. You can continue living in the home you love while your children attend the same school and enjoy a familiar home environment. Meanwhile, All Homes AZ will assume financial responsibility for the house and manage the process. This is one option you will not find available with traditional real estate agents. Sell your home with no agent to make life easier.

If you are ready to sell your home without an agent, contact All Homes AZ today. A free home evaluation is included with all services.