5 Actions to Take If You Receive a Foreclosure Notice in Phoenix, AZ

Foreclosure Notice Concept with Model House and KeysA foreclosure notice can be panic-inducing for any homeowner, but receiving a notice doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lose the equity in your home. Options, such as refinancing your mortgage, are available to help you avoid foreclosure. Whether you decide to keep your home or sell the home to retain your equity, taking immediate action is the best way to protect your investment.

Don’t ignore the foreclosure notice. Taking prompt action is the best way to handle a foreclosure notice. Unfortunately, the foreclosures experience Continue reading

Dealing with a Phoenix Foreclosure

Stressed young couple reads foreclosure notice in PhoenixForeclosure is an overwhelming and emotional process. 28 million Americans during the real estate crash in 2009 were faced with financial problems associated with late mortgage payments or no payment made at all. No matter when your foreclosure has occurred, the feelings generate the same response.

The processes and circumstances around foreclosures are unique.  However, the bottom line emotional advice is the same: know you are not alone. Millions of Americans have either dealt with a foreclosure themselves or know someone close to them who has been through the process. Ask for advice, look for options and communicate with those around you. We have compiled some tips and advice when you find yourself dealing with a foreclosure in Phoenix. Continue reading

Facing Foreclosure in Phoenix

Family & ForeclosureFacing foreclosure is one of the most frightening things a homeowner can face. Life happens, and sometimes you can get behind on payments and it can feel impossible to catch up, but at All Homes AZ, we’re here to tell you that there is a solution. We know how difficult it can be to sell your home on the real estate market, especially if you are already struggling financially. Phoenix is no stranger to the troubles of foreclosure, and that is why All Homes AZ is here to help and buy your Phoenix foreclosure quickly.  You can see for yourself the many benefits of working with All Homes AZ when it comes to dealing with a foreclosure on your Phoenix home. Continue reading

What to Know Before Buying Foreclosures in Phoenix

shutterstock_250209523Smart investors know foreclosures can be your best asset – or your worst enemy. The difference lies in the purchasing process; whether you bought the house during pre or post foreclosure, whether you devised a financial plan in advance, and even whether you worked with an expert on foreclosures can all impact your buying experience in Phoenix. Here is our quick guide to making your foreclosure purchase the best experience possible: Continue reading

Tips for Buying Foreclosures in Phoenix

ForeclosureInvestmentsForeclosure properties are notoriously risky investments, but as any investor knows: the greater the risk the greater the reward. Phoenix home investors must be willing to take a chance on a home oftentimes sight-unseen to reap the biggest benefits. Foreclosures usually require some sort of repair after purchase, but that cost is generally minimal compared to the benefit investors gain when market appreciation is taken into account. Continue reading

How to Save Your Credit Score from Foreclosure

shutterstock_122080936There are many options for homeowners facing foreclosure, but giving up is not one of them. The home-buying process may have begun with the best of intentions, but high mortgage payments and unexpected life situations can cause once-happy and capable homeowners to fall short of their contractual obligations. A missed mortgage payment is not a credit score death sentence, but rather, an opportunity to explore other options to protect your financial reputation and investments. Continue reading

Foreclosures in Phoenix

shutterstock_207792505The rising foreclosure rates in Phoenix have caused more and more individuals to seek property that they can rent rather than purchase. The looming risk of loans, unsolicited maintenance and increased interest that go into owning a house have become overwhelming. At AllHomesAZ.com, we know that there are several circumstances that can cause Phoenix foreclosures. In order to understand this aspect of the housing market, it is essential to look at the causes, consequences, and available solutions of foreclosures in Phoenix. Continue reading