5 Reasons to Choose an Arizona-based Real Estate Investor

Arizona home investor shakes hand with homeowner compressedFacing a foreclosure or a short-sale scenario can be scary, but help is out there. Real estate investors can help rescue you in your time of need. While there are several large home-buying corporations which sound appealing on TV or the radio, they usually can’t offer the best deals. In addition to requiring homeowners to pay for repairs, these companies are not local. They do not know the real estate market in your area, which makes it impossible for them to offer a fair price for your home. All Homes AZ is proud to operate right here in Arizona, with a focus on the Phoenix metropolitan area. Here are five reasons why Phoenix residents should choose Arizona-based home investors compared to those out of state. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Phoenix is The Top Metro Area for Home Flipping

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Contractors in the Phoenix metro area should consider shifting their focus to becoming real estate investors in Arizona. The real estate market is hot, especially in Maricopa County. People are buying and selling quick, so if you have contractor skills, you could secure some nice profits by flipping homes. All Homes AZ wants to share why home flips could be a great move for your contractor business in the interim. Continue reading

5 Tips to Be a Successful Landlord in Phoenix

Landlord KeyBecoming a landlord can be a rewarding experience, especially in the Phoenix housing market. However, turning your real estate investment into a successful enterprise requires more than just purchasing a property to renovate and rent. Follow these five tips to make the most out of becoming a landlord in Arizona. Continue reading

The All Homes AZ Advantage

shutterstock_105668630Phoenix, Arizona homeowners frequently find selling a home is much more difficult than anticipated. Real estate agents are costly and the whole process is drawn-out and labor intensive, but that’s the only way, right? Actually, Reed Lattin and his team at All Homes AZ have been helping residents get cash for their homes in Phoenix for over a decade. All Homes AZ is one of the Valley’s most mature home buying companies and has even earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which means your selling experience will be fair, professional and profitable. So, what makes All Homes AZ different from real estate agents anyway? Continue reading

Profiting in a Rebounding Real Estate Market

shutterstock_328514033It’s no secret: Phoenix is once again a hot market for residential real estate. Previous reports showed investors had discovered the Valley and were quick to snatch up homes at low market prices, but today’s homebuyers are actual families. Continue reading

A Guide to Short Sales in Phoenix

shutterstock_275666651Many new homeowners are unfamiliar with the short sale process in Phoenix, but it is actually a surprisingly simple decision that benefits everyone involved. Short sales are nothing to be ashamed of; frequently these are the smartest ways for homeowners to get out of a bad real estate investment with minimal damage to their own finances. Real estate professionals like All Homes AZ can guide sellers and buyers through the process for a seamless transition to a new life. Continue reading

Tips for Buying Foreclosures in Phoenix

ForeclosureInvestmentsForeclosure properties are notoriously risky investments, but as any investor knows: the greater the risk the greater the reward. Phoenix home investors must be willing to take a chance on a home oftentimes sight-unseen to reap the biggest benefits. Foreclosures usually require some sort of repair after purchase, but that cost is generally minimal compared to the benefit investors gain when market appreciation is taken into account. Continue reading

Why Phoenix Home Investments Are Worth It

shutterstock_147528011With the return of the economy and rising prices in the Phoenix real estate market, potential investors are left wondering: is it still a buyer’s market? The answer is a resounding yes! All Homes AZ specializes in southwestern real estate, connecting people who want to sell homes fast with people who want to invest in their futures just as quickly. Connect with a real estate investment expert today to learn your options and discuss the benefits of buying a home in Phoenix right now. Continue reading

Maximize the Return on Your Investment Property

shutterstock_140818888Buying a new home or investing in real estate can be a whirlwind of quick decisions, contracts, and excitement. Individual buyers frequently find they have more questions than answers, which is why it’s wise to consult a home-buying professional to help with the process. Whether you plan to live in the home yourself or renovate and flip it for a profit, All Homes AZ has some quick tips to help you make the most of your new investment in Arizona. Continue reading

Tips for Phoenix Home Investors

shutterstock_221290765Investing in real estate property is a job in itself. Therefore, it should be treated as such. However, our team at All Homes AZ knows that this can be an overwhelming adventure. Whether you are simply looking to rent out a home or fix and flip, there are specific aspects of home investing that you should know and follow. That is why we are here with real estate tips for Phoenix home investors.  Continue reading