Why Phoenix Home Investments Are Worth It

shutterstock_147528011With the return of the economy and rising prices in the Phoenix real estate market, potential investors are left wondering: is it still a buyer’s market? The answer is a resounding yes! All Homes AZ specializes in southwestern real estate, connecting people who want to sell homes fast with people who want to invest in their futures just as quickly. Connect with a real estate investment expert today to learn your options and discuss the benefits of buying a home in Phoenix right now.

Return on investment. The median price to purchase a home in Phoenix is currently in the $175K range. Home values are expected to rise in value by 3 percent over the next year alone, which means you could make money simply by sitting on a house for 365 days. If improvements and upgrades are made to the house, there is no telling how much you could increase your profit margin. Choose the smart home investment option and take advantage of the predicted rise in market values before it’s too late.

Availability. All Homes AZ prides ourselves on helping our buyers select the best home with the greatest value. According to The Cromford Report, demand is still greater than supply, which means today’s market is still in favor of buyers. Additionally, listing prices are on an uptick, which means this delicate balance we currently see in the market is not going to last very long. It is critical to have an experienced professional on your side throughout the process of buying a home to get the best value at exactly the right moment to maximize profit on investment properties.

Location. Phoenix holds a great deal of the historical significance and whimsy of the old west while still advancing the city’s legacy of luxury. In addition to being the state’s capitol, Phoenix provides easy access to a number of restaurants, sports teams and popular hiking trails. Heritage locations can be found across the city and provide residents with day trip destinations and activities year-round. Sunshine is in abundance here and that is one natural resource that can never run out!

Variety. Phoenix is a large city with many sub-markets. Whether you are more location-focused or require a cost-effective home, All Homes AZ knows the area and is able to help find a property to suit your needs. Another factor to consider is how long you intend your investment to last. Some neighborhoods in Phoenix are poised to be the next up-and-coming areas while others might take longer to reach their peak. Our experts can speak with you to discuss your needs and locate the best homes for sale in Arizona.

John D. Rockefeller himself stated that, “the major fortunes in America have been made in land.” With so many websites and competing real estate agents in the valley, it is important to work with a home buying expert you can trust. Our business comes with more than ten years of experience in the Arizona real estate market and our team not only sells in Phoenix, but we live here, too. We have insight into home buying in Phoenix that out-of-town companies simply don’t. With our knowledge, experience and ability to move quickly no matter what the sale, you are guaranteed excellent service and a quality home buying experience. Call the Phoenix real estate professionals at All Homes AZ today and upgrade your future with real estate.

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