Reasons Why You May Want to Sell Your Home


Homeowners in America tend to live in their homes for an average of seven years before they decide to sell and move on. There are many reasons that the average American could have in wanting to sell their home and move on. These reasons could be job relocation, a change of lifestyle or maybe it’s just missing that little something extra that would make their house a home. Here are several reasons someone may want to sell their home:

  • A New Family

Most things in life come unexpectedly. When you buy a home with your significant other, surprises like a new child on the way can happen suddenly. Now that cute little one bedroom house isn’t going to be big enough to raise a family.

  • Ending Relationship

On the flip side, if the house was owned by a divorced couple, they may want to sell for several reasons. Now that there is only one income paying for the house, the remaining party may not be able to afford to keep it. The house may hold some bad memories for that individual as well and they may want to start anew.

  • A Little Something Missing

Sometimes it can be hard calling that particular house a home when it’s missing that special certain aspect. Maybe it’s a swimming pool or room needed to make a workshop in the backyard. If you live in Phoenix, Arizona, a big back yard can mean all the difference to a home buyer.

  • Changing Neighborhood

Any given neighborhood can change. Maybe you’re in one of the better neighborhoods in the area that has a great school district that’s located by all the best places to shop. Businesses come and go and school districts can change. Now you’re once good neighborhood you thought would be a great place to raise a family isn’t so ideal.

  • Work

Finding a good job can always be a challenge. Maybe your job makes you commute for an hour a day in heavy traffic or they want you to relocate.

  • A Need To Get Away

There are plenty of reasons to want to get away like: trying to get closer to family, trying to get away from family, retirement or health issues. Maybe the individual just wants to sell their house so they can see a foreign country.

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