A Declining Real Estate Market

shutterstock_208367875Have hesitations and concerns about the real estate market prevented you from trying to sell your home? Chances are that these valid concerns are due to the declining housing trends. Not only is it difficult to successfully list a home in today’s market, but it is nearly impossible to sell it for a fair or profitable price even if offers are made.At All Homes AZ, we understand the difficult position that homeowners have been put in. While residents might want or need to move out of their current property, the time and financial sacrifice that they face when going through the market can halt the transition altogether. There are several reasons for this decline in the real estate market, including the following:

  • Decreased interest rates have caused housing prices to rise
  • These increased asking prices have made homes less affordable for the average buyer, ultimately turning investors away
  • Builders want to work with experienced consumers rather than individuals looking to invest in their first home, which has created an absence of young buyers
  • More individuals have taken to renting rather than buying or selling
  • Individuals owe more on their mortgage rates than the current asking price for their property
  • Poor weather conditions have prevented buyers and sellers from taking action
  • The increased issue of student loans and other debt issues, such as low credit scores, have reduced an individual’s capability of receiving a mortgage
  • There has been a shift of interest in homeownership as millennials are starting families later in life, saving money by living with parents, and becoming less interested in settling down at younger ages
  • Unemployment rates have amplified, greatly reducing the amount of potential buyers

As illustrated, there are many factors that influence the real estate market and one’s potential for selling or buying a home. While some might find it wise to stay in their current house until the market shows more promising results, this waiting game might also lead to more financial loss. That is why All Homes AZ works away from the real estate market to provide homeowners with another solution.

Our company buys homes that have been damaged, neglected, or are facing foreclosure. These properties that would not successfully sell on the market can be handled through our services instead. For instance, we provide cash to our customers so as to relieve them from their homes without having to wait for an offer from a potential buyer.

If the declining real estate market has negatively affected your chance of selling, please feel free to contact us today. We will quickly buy your property for cash so you do not have to go through the housing market.

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