The Real Reasons Your House Won’t Sell

shutterstock_70450630All too often sellers list their homes as-is, only to find potential buyers eyeing the house without buying. It’s easy to assume the problem is with the buyers – after all, you’ve lived in your home for a number of years without problems. If it was good enough for you, shouldn’t someone else be just as happy with it? The sad truth is that sometimes it’s not anyone’s fault your house isn’t selling – it’s just how the market is at that time. There are a number of factors that could be preventing a sale.

This suggestion may seem obvious, but if you’ve already tried listing your home for “what it’s worth,” maybe buyers simply don’t see the value behind that price. Sometimes sellers will try to price their home above market value to gain the upper hand during negotiations, but this tactic usually backfires when buyers flock to lower-priced homes in the area.

Cleanliness is purely aesthetic and has nothing to do with the architecture, pipelines or location of the home itself. That doesn’t stop cleanliness from being a huge factor when prospective buyers go through your home. This can be a huge issue for homeowners who want to sell their house fast because of mold, water damage or even smoke and fire damage. Phoenix has extreme weather, which means your home goes through a lot each calendar year. If you feel stuck in your damaged house, consider requesting a cash offer for your home to get the most value out of your property.

If your home needs repairs, listing your property through a real estate agent could cost more than you think. A plumber may need to be called, the yard may require cleanup, and chipped countertops might need to be replaced entirely. Buyers may also request to have any broken appliances replaced prior to move-in, as well. Sellers don’t have to agree to these requests, but denying a buyer’s requests could impact the sale. All Homes AZ makes cash offers fast – no repairs required. Your home can be sold in as-is condition. Best of all? You get to pick your closing date.

Home buyers aren’t just looking for a place to live anymore; they want an investment. If your home is in a neighborhood that has already peaked or is not likely to appreciate in value anytime soon, that could drive potential buyers away to newer areas with more potential for growth. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with your house or your cleaning habits. This particular factor is out of your control, which is why so many people opt for cash-for-homes options instead of listing their homes and achieving poor results.

Selling a home is a tricky business. There are maintenance costs, repairs to complete, and open houses to endure. It’s like you can’t live in your own home while it’s on the market! Cash-for-homes offers allow you to sell your house fast in Phoenix and move on to something new without the hassle of listing through an agent. Start the process of selling your home and get a cash offer now with All Homes AZ’s home buying professionals.

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