Fixing Up a Home for Sale

shutterstock_108485204One of the many questions homeowners are faced with when they have to sell their home is whether or not to make costly repairs to the home or try to sell it in its current condition. There are pros and cons to each side, and the time of year, location, status of the housing market and competing inventories all factor into the decision. In the Phoenix and Tucson real estate market, repairs can be costly, as the extreme heat forces extra wear and tear on all parts of a home, especially the landscaping and air conditioning. The Phoenix market has made many small steps to a full recovery after the housing bubble collapse of 2006, which means home value has increased. The Tucson market has made large strides as well, but still faces challenges. However, increasing valley home values may also mean that you must face more competition to sell your home as more homeowners elect to sell their properties. All Homes AZ is in the market of purchasing homes no matter their condition, and we have created a list of repairs that generally need to be performed on a house before it can be sold.

Flooring: floors take the brunt of wear and tear in a home simply because they are used constantly. Carpets must be at least steam-cleaned before a house can be shown, but it is more than likely that they will need to be entirely replaced before a potential buyer will be interested. Chipped or cracked ceramic tiles will need to be replaced and the grout will need a thorough cleaning or replacement. Hardwood floors have always been very popular with potential buyers, but do come with the cost of installing them

Walls and ceilings: The walls will need a fresh coat of paint, either white or neutral in tone. Sellers often overlook the ceiling when repairing the home for sale, but buyers, looking for leaks, will notice stains from grease or smoke, and ceiling cracks. A fresh coat of paint, after sealing any cracks, will make the walls and ceiling look as good as new.

Cabinets: These will need a fresh coat of paint if they happen to be painted. If not, it is best to resurface them with thin veneer and replace the doors and hardware

Plumbing: Buyers are not interested in leaky faucets or stained sinks. Replace damaged plumbing. If the plumbing is still in working condition (no leaks), be sure to display a clean and polished sink.

Exterior: A home with a damaged roof will be difficult to sell, so it will more than likely require replacement before a buyer is even willing to make an offer. It is also important to make the exterior of the home welcoming and tidy. A freshly painted door, well-tended flower pots, freshly painted fences and a resurfaced driveway can go a long way in contributing to your home’s curb appeal.

Overall, the average buyer is looking to purchase a home that has no deferred maintenance, updated plumbing, updated appliances (such as the air conditioner – especially important in Arizona), modern conveniences and that is ready for occupation. Fixing up a home for sale is a lot of work and can be very difficult for sellers who need to move in a hurry, do not have the funds to make repairs, or who simply want to be rid of their old home with as little stress as possible. All Homes AZ provides the ideal solution for anyone who wants to sell their home whether in Phoenix, Tucson, or anywhere else. We offer to buy your home for a fair price and with cash. We do not charge fees, commissions or contingencies and we also pay the closing costs. Our service is especially helpful because we purchase homes “as-is,” no repairs necessary on your part, no matter the condition of your Phoenix or Tucson home! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be reached at (480)227-5214 or online.

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