Selling Your Home in a Still-Recovering Market

shutterstock_97306490Having lived and worked in Arizona for many years, has seen the housing market through its best and toughest times. It was only a few years ago, in 2006, that the Phoenix and Tucson housing markets crashed, causing home values to rapidly fall and one in seven mortgages to go into arrears. Despite the crash, Arizona has made an incredible comeback this year. Home values in Phoenix and the surrounding suburbs have risen more than 20 percent. In Tucson, home prices have risen 15 percent, recently earning the title of one of the nation’s best markets for investors.

Despite the improvement, Arizona still posted the seventh highest number of foreclosures in the nation over the last year according to the Phoenix Business Journal. The Phoenix Metropolitan area ranked third-highest in the number of foreclosures over the last year, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an 8 percent unemployment rate – up from 3.8 percent in January of 2007. The market is making a comeback, but it is a slow one.

This slow growth poses problems for those looking to sell their homes in Tucson and Phoenix, whether it is because of job loss, relocation to another city or to avoid foreclosure. Not only is it hard to find a buyer who will pay what the home is worth, finding a buyer to buy the home in a very short amount of time is difficult. Because the value of homes dropped so much during the recession — as much as 60 percent in some cases — a value increase of 25 percent still leaves sellers in the red when they have to sell their home.

Another problem facing homeowners is the cost of repairs to their home when selling it. In order to get a fair price for your home from someone who wants to live there, you will need to ensure that appliances like the air conditioner are working properly and that the house is clean and free of any damage. You will also probably need to paint the home, install new carpet and invest in some landscaping just to make the staging of the home presentable enough to both gather interest from buyers and a fair offer.

With, none of this matters. We do not care about the condition of your home. We understand that life sometimes takes you away from your current home and into a new one, and that you do not have months to sit and wait for a buyer to make an offer. We make an offer to buy your Phoenix or Tucson home for cash within 24 hours of appraising it. We pay the closing costs and we do not charge fees or commissions. We are in this business because we truly want to help people, whether they need to sell their home because of job loss or because of a change in family status, bankruptcy or foreclosure. And we buy houses all over the United States – not just in Arizona.

If you’re looking to buy or sell your home, please give AllHomesAZ a call at (480) 227-5214. AllHomesAZ is a local company and a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. We are ready to make an offer for your current home and help you get into your new home fast!

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