What to Do When Your Phoenix Home has Water Damage

shutterstock_231995860Water damage in Phoenix is not what most people expect when purchasing a desert home, but the truth is flooding can occur in any state, city or street. Arizona’s monsoon season begins on June 15th and lasts until September 30th, but storms become more frequent and bountiful toward the end of the summer. This rare seasonal rainfall actually makes the ground resistant to water when monsoon season arrives, so a great deal of water can trickle downhill and into residential homes. The summer heat combined with moisture is the ideal formula for mold, microbial growth and airborne contaminants that make residents sick. In the case of water damage, homeowners have a few options.

Option 1: clean the mess yourself.
Cleaning water damage yourself is risky because moisture can actually hide in little pockets of drywall and flooring where it does not surface for quite some time. Nevertheless, many ambitious homeowners choose this option due to low cost.

If you encounter flooding in your home, disconnect all power to the flooded area immediately. As soon as it is safe, unplug electronics and proceed to move all furniture and any personal belongings out of the room. Remember to wear boots with thick soles to prevent yourself from stepping on loose nails or debris.

Mop up the water if possible and use fans in conjunction with a dehumidifier to dry the area as much as possible. Open windows to let the Arizona sun assist in your cleaning efforts. Mold spores entrench themselves in your home in as little as 36 – 72 hours! Work quickly and efficiently for best results.

Apply disinfectants to the walls, wood and any non-upholstered furniture. Textiles and drywall harbor microbials that can make people sick, so this step is necessary. To prevent mold, consider investing in a product such as Concrobium to crush the roots of mold spores and prevent the growth and spread of contaminants. We like Concrobium because it is a non-toxic solution of distilled water and inorganic salts which is safe around children and pets.

When cleaning water damage yourself, the rest of the process is a waiting game. Discard obviously damaged items (search Earth 911 for recycling centers near you) and simply watch the space for signs of discoloration or blistering wall surfaces. Odors could indicate water is still lingering in your home; in this case you may have no choice but to consult a professional.

Mold spores entrench themselves in your home in as little as 36 – 72 hours! Click To Tweet

Option 2: call the professionals.
Many people who previously tried to clean water damage themselves find themselves utilizing this option after failed cleaning attempts. Professional mold remediation and water damage restoration services offer peace of mind for homeowners. While these services do require a great deal of cost, the benefit is a home that has been brought back to a livable state even after extreme damage. Homeowners are not required to sift through inches-deep water and there is no waiting game for mold or odors once the professional cleaning team has left the home.

Option 3: sell your home.
Many homeowners overlook this option. It is indeed possible to sell a home in Phoenix even after extreme water damage. Phoenix home buyers such as All Homes AZ buy homes as-is and pay you cash fast for the property. Imagine: instead of shelling out a bundle on real estate commission and repairs, you could actually make money on your damaged home!shutterstock_140864770

Selling a damaged home is appealing for many reasons. First and foremost, the homeowner no longer has to deal with cleanup or future repairs associated with the initial damage. Homeowners frequently have busy schedules with work and family activities, so the simple concept of saving time is valuable to many.
Repairing a water damaged house in Arizona is not an easy task. If a homeowner chooses to undertake this project themselves, there are many environmental and health factors to consider, as well as the obvious hazards of dealing with standing water in a home. Professional services are much more reliable and leave homeowners with peace of mind after a home disaster. With or without professional cleaning, it is always an option to sell a Phoenix home fast for cash to eliminate the problem altogether and start fresh somewhere else (preferably on higher ground). It is important to research all choices thoroughly before making a final decision with home water damage.

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