Prevent Water Damage at Home

shutterstock_108043913Whether you are a current or future homeowner, it is important to learn how to protect your property from potential threats. One of these in particular is water damage. Too often, residents find themselves either selling or vacating their home due to a flood that has destroyed their household’s foundations. understands the severe stresses and frustrations that come from water damage, which is why we are here to help homeowners take preventative measures.

In order to help avoid water damage at home, try the following:

  • Where there is the potential for rain to get in, leaks will occur, so make a thorough check for any holes or missing shingles. Inspect the roof, attic, windows and walls for any precarious openings.
  • Be conscious of the water bill and any sudden increased, unexpected charges. This may be a sign that there is excess water leaking somewhere that has gone undetected, which could potentially lead to severe water damage.
  • Maintain pipes and gutters to ensure that buildup and blockages do not arise. This will help prevent pipes from bursting and gutters from overflowing.
  • Investigate leaky faucets and determine the source of the problem. This applies to showerheads, sinks and bathtubs too.
  • Consider hiring a plumbing professional to make an annual or biannual inspection.
  • Plant consciously by keeping roots clear of underground water pipes. The growth of certain trees and other foliage needs to be in areas clear away from both the home and its concealed plumbing in order to avoid burst pipes, sprinklers, etc.
  • Keep an eye out for water stains on walls, ceilings and floorboards. Also watch for mold growth, since fungus requires moisture to grow.
  • Make sure that any nearby landscape hills do not lead to the base of your home. If there is a slope that allows water to gather near the property, it can create flooding.

At All Homes AZ, we buy “as-is” properties, regardless of the repairs needed since we understand how difficult it is to sell a damaged home. For instance, we offer cash for houses that have been affected by water, fire, storms, homeowner neglect, and more.

However, as investors, we also want to help prevent homeowners from reaching a state of crisis due to damages that you may be able to avoid. That is why we hope you have found these preventative actions helpful. For more information on selling your damaged home for cash or ways to protect your property, please contact us today! We are here to help.


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