When DIY Isn’t Enough: Is Your House Worth Repairing?

shutterstock_204046024We know you: you have a Pinterest board full of home improvement ideas, motivational quotes and dream interiors you’d like to replicate. As a child you played with Legos and built the home you wanted one block at a time complete with furniture. You, and millions of other perpetual DIY-ers, have dreamed of creating a space to call home, but find yourself instead with a pile of repairs, mountains of debt and a stockpile of paint colors you never got to use. This was the home you’d planned to make your own: but is it really worth it? All Homes AZ has simple questions to ask yourself to determine if your house is worth the work – or if it’s time to sell your current home for cash and invest in a new home.


Have I been working on the same project all year?

Most projects (aside from additions) will take anywhere from a single weekend to just few weeks, but certainly not a whole year. If your projects seem to drag out or require more time and materials than you have access to, it’s probably unrealistic to expect things to come together last minute. You could consider calling in a professional to finish the job, but expect to pay a significant maintenance fee.


Do new problems creep up as soon as I’ve fix old ones?

Some houses are simply not meant to be fixed with do-it-yourself approaches. If you repair the kitchen sink only to discover the furnace has blown, there’s a hole in the roof, and the bathtub still needs caulking, it’s time to call it quits. A person can only handle so many projects at once and a home in disrepair can drain you of energy and money. Protect yourself from additional problems by selling the dud for cash and putting that money toward a new house you can enjoy.


Do the renovations I want cost more money than I have?

Financial difficulties can cause many renovations and DIY projects to come to an early and unexpected end. Calculate how much money the materials, tools and time should cost and then budget an additional $100 for unexpected expenses. If you have financial obligations such as student loans and mortgage payments or if you simply want to start saving money for the future it’s important to pay attention to finances and make sure money is spent only on necessities. Don’t throw endless amounts of money into a black hole; invest in a new home with more potential and fewer disasters.


Am I overwhelmed?

The best gauge of whether or not your home is worth the work is you. If you are mentally or physically exhausted, give yourself a break. Your dream home should not break your spirit. Your home should be a place to rejuvenate and recharge after a long day out in the world. Coming home to a work zone negates that benefit. Set yourself free by giving yourself permission to quit (just this once) and move on to a new home with a brighter future and more space to kick your feet up.


All Homes AZ makes cash offers for homes within the first 24 hours of contact and our sales close quickly so you can walk away with cash in hand and purchase a home that suits your life – no repairs necessary! Our non-commissioned experts will walk you through the process step-by-step to ensure a purchase that benefits you. You can be out of a stressful situation and into your new dream home before you know it. Take charge of your life and liberate your DIY dreams to tackle a new, more manageable home. If you find yourself in over your head with repairs and DIY nightmares, call All Homes AZ today for a quick solution.

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