3 Things to Look at Before Selling Your Home

shutterstock_446989537Selling your home is no small task, especially if it’s your first time stepping into the real estate market. Fortunately, All Homes AZ is here to help you navigate the tricky arena of selling your home. The Phoenix major metropolitan area has always been a hotbed of activity when it comes to real estate, due in no small part to the coming and going of snowbirds (people who vacation in Arizona or own a second home here to enjoy the warm temperatures during the winter months). There are a number of reasons to sell your home now, but it’s up to you to determine if the time is truly right to sell. Fortunately, there are a couple tips you can keep in mind to help you decide.

Look at Demand

Snowbirds have a major impact on the economy of Phoenix and while the exact extent of that impact is difficult to track, there’s no denying that it exists. January through March seem to be the busiest months, but the snowbirds begin arriving as early as October and often start migrating back home around mid-April. Consider putting your home up for sale in the months leading up to “snowbird season” to take advantage of the rise in demand around this time.

Look at Competition

Odds are, you’re not the only one with a house to sell. As the real estate market fluctuates, supply and demand will rise and fall. If you intend to sell your home in Phoenix, it’ll be important to pay attention to the housing market trends and anticipate where the market is going, rather than where it has been. Look to sell when there isn’t a lot of competition on the market and demand is high.

Look at Closing Times

As time goes on, we see banks requiring more paperwork before approving mortgages, exacerbating one of the already troublesome hurdles when it comes to the housing market. The more that needs to be done, the longer it takes to get from contract to closing. Fortunately, selling your home with All Homes AZ makes this process quick and easy!

Selling your home can be challenging in Phoenix but it doesn’t have to be. All Homes AZ buys homes for cash and we close the deal quickly so that you can move forward in your life instead of getting bogged down in the real estate market.  Contact us online today to get a FREE consultation and cash offer on your home!

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