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Living in a house you hate is bad enough, but just try selling one! Most home buyers want nothing to do with a house that’s an eyesore. The plea of “Please buy my house!” is likely to fall on deaf ears if your property badly needs a coat of paint or a layer of stucco, has missing tiles or shingles on the roof, or has a badly cracked driveway or tilted walkways.

unwanted-house-phoenix-azEven if the outside of your house looks good, however, it’s still not marketable if it has an unattractive or out-of-date interior. If your house is in need of serious repairs or upgrades to comply with building codes, any halfway-thorough home inspection will expose those problems, too, and scare away potential buyers.

The good news is that AllHomesAZ.com doesn’t care about any of that – we love to buy houses in any condition, and we really mean it!

Perhaps you’ve avoided putting your house on the market because you think your property is in such poor shape that no one would be interested in it. You may be squeezed between the need to sell your home fast and the realization that a real estate agent wouldn’t want to waste his or her time on trying to sell it for you. The hard truth in the current market is that if your home isn’t in great shape, you may be right. Trying to sell a “problem” home the standard way could prove futile.

You may have even already given some thought to contacting a Phoenix home investor to get out from under the burden of owning your property. Like many others, however, perhaps you’ve been reluctant to follow through with exploring this option because you’re just too embarrassed at the condition of your house. Maybe you’ve thought, “Sure, these guys say they buy’ll houses in any condition, but they’d never want to buy my home.”

If you’re the unwilling owner of an “unsellable” house, you should put those thoughts aside and contact the home investors at AllHomesAZ.com immediately. We’re available 24/7 for a consultation on your home, and we’re interested in looking at it no matter what shape it’s in. AllHomesAZ.com has the resources to offer cash for homes and to fix them up after purchase, so we’ll literally buy your home “as-is.” We’ll make you an offer within 24 hours and complete the home transaction quickly, helping you avoid foreclosure.

Contact AllHomesAZ.com any time via our website or by calling us at 480-227-5214.

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